Manually Upgrade Your Phone To Build 8170

If you’re eager to get yourself the new version of Windows Phone 7.5 that some carriers have started pushing onto their devices, then you’re in luck. Mobility Digest has put together a download along with a guide that will update your phone. You should be aware that if you decide to use this guide, you could potentially void your warranty and brick your phone. That being said, if you feel comfortable proceeding, you’ll enjoy a pretty handsome update.

This update is supposed to fix the SMS bug that can cause your messaging app to crash, as well as the bug that can make your keyboard disappear while typing. Another issue that has been fixed is one in which your location data can be shared before you deny the app access to it.

Overall, this update seems like a pretty serious one and it should be arriving to all phones shortly, so if you can wait, you’re in for plenty of welcome bugfixes.

[via PocketNow]

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