Microsoft Demos the Windows Store to be Included in Windows 8

For those interested in the upcoming Windows 8, you’ll be happy to know that a portion of Microsoft’s final keynote was dedicated to letting us know the juicy details of what’s to come. The biggest announcement is that the Windows Store is scheduled to open in late February with a variety of free apps.

The Windows Store will be globally available in every language that Windows is available in, which includes over 100 languages. While initially the store will only feature free apps, paid apps will be available in 200 local markets.

Another neat feature of the Store is that businesses will be able to use it to distribute their apps directly to their employees, so that Windows 8 powered PCs can be updated directly from the store. Apps released in the store will be available on x86 and ARM processors, with developers only having to code once for both.

We’ll hopefully have more information on Windows 8 and the Windows Store in the coming days with hands on information, so stay tuned.



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