BlueStacks Will Bring 400,000 Android Apps to the PC

If you’re eager to run all of your favorite Android apps on your Windows device, then you’ve probably heard of BlueStacks. What you probably didn’t know is that the company will be bringing around 350,000 apps directly to Windows 8 with no need to port them. BlueStacks will support both the MetroUI and the standard desktop mode as well, making it a very versatile option in running Android apps on your Windows 8 tablet.

BlueStacks is currently collaborating with several PC manufacturers in an effort to get the app preloaded on numerous tablets, notebooks, ultrabooks, and all in one PCs. Their newest partnership is from the Taiwanese manfacutrer InHon. The company will release its first Ultrabook in March 2012 with the app preloaded.

BlueStacks was named a CES Innovations winner and is currently the only program available that can run ARM-based or x86 applications.

  • I am all for this. Bring on the W8 goodness, M$oft.