Lumia 900 Voted Best Smartphone of CES

Despite several new Android handsets announced at CES 2012, CNET has decided to award the best smartphone of the show award to the Nokia Lumia 900. The phone will spearhead Nokia’s official return to the US market and will very likely help make or break Windows Phone as a viable mobile platform.

Of course, the CNET award was not the only one the Lumia 900 won, with Popular Mechanics giving the phone its editor’s choice award and Popular Science giving the phone its Product of the Future award. This news is likely music to both Nokia and Microsoft’s ears, as both companies are hoping the device will penetrate the market and help bring Windows Phone above the paltry sum of 5% marketshare.

[via WMPowerUser]

  • Salutary7

    Well done Nokia, though I don’t really understand the universal acclaim this phone is getting. If there were some new feature that blew current phones out of the water, then that would make sense. Maybe the biggest disappoint is the old 800×480 resolution when we have phones coming out at 1280×720. It has 720p video recording while others have 1080p. It has 16gb of storage while others have 32, etc, etc. These all may be restrictions on MSFT’s part, however, so Nokia did well with what it could.

  • It definitely looks like a winner from everything we’ve been shown. Congrats to M$oft and Nokia.