Windows Phone Beats iPhone and Galaxy Nexus in Speed Race at CES

Windows Phone makes doing simple tasks very easy, but how does it compare against the best of the competition? Ben the PC Guy has been walking around CES and challenging people to speed tests, if he wins the contender has to say “I got smoked by Windows Phone,” but if the contender wins they get $100.

The speed tests are real world examples of when you need to do something quickly. For example in the first test they had a race to see who could find directions to a 4 star restaurant the fastest, and Windows Phone won easily. In the next race it was who could take a picture and post it to Twitter the fastest. Since both Windows Phone and the iPhone have built in Twitter integration it was basically a tie. Windows Phone cleaned up in identifying a song, sending a Tweet, and post a message to multiple accounts.

This is a good thing to try with your friends and maybe just maybe convert a few of them.

  • Guess that proves that a well built OS is worth more than just fancy hardware.