Is Sony-Ericsson Making a Windows Phone?

While the Lumia 900 announcement was the highlight of Windows Phone presence at CES 2012, the show floor felt a little cold for the burgeoning mobile OS. Most major handset manufacturers were eager to show off their new Android handsets, including Sony Ericsson.

However, rumors have surfaced that the company may be working on a Windows Phone device. The prototype pictured above could be it, though it could also be new pictures of the old prototype “Julie” that was scrapped before the manufacturer focused mainly on Android.¬†NokiaWP¬†says the phone is actually sporting Mango, so that would mean active development for this prototype.

There are no real solid indicators as to whether or not this prototype is recent, but with Mobile World Congress coming up in just a month, we’re hoping if it is a new device, news will be released there.

[via WPCentral]


  • That would be pretty big news for WP7, considering they really threw their whole weight into Android. Maybe since their phones haven’t fared so well in that oversaturated market, they are looking to stake out a hold in the WP7 arena.