Pandora Still Not Sure About Windows Phone

Robert Scoble has been outlining his CES thoughts and conversations over on Google+, which generally makes for an interesting read no matter if you’re a fan of Scoble’s predictions or not. However, one of the conversations Scoble outlines is interesting, given the magnitude of what it means for music on Windows Phone.

“I walked around the show with the CTO of Pandora. He told me he still isn’t willing to support Windows Phone. Why not? We were walking around the new Ford car, which has Pandora support. Pandora was ALL OVER the CES show floor. You could see that a small company still has to decide where to put its development resources. Clearly, after walking the show floor, that’s Android and iOS.”

Pandora’s reluctance to dive into the Windows Phone atmosphere was understandable two years ago, but with Nokia making its big push into the US market, it seems odd that the company is willing to hand over reigns of its service to third party apps such as Radio Controlled or MetroRadio. Developers being able to make money because of Pandora’s absence could always be construed as a good thing, but we can’t help but thing Pandora is being a little bull-headed with this one.

[via WPCentral]

  • I think with the current marketshare they have, a lot of companies are waiting to see what the Nokia deal actually does for WP7 before jumping on board. Everyone was hyping the webOS and HP deal but nothing came of it and some dev’s got burned in the process.