Sprint is too scared to take a chance on Windows Phone

Windows Phone is moving along nicely… on AT&T. A thorn in many Windows Phone fans side is still the lack of support on Sprint and Verizon. AT&T is completely dominating everyone else, and they are only getting better with the Lumia 900. Sprint’s VP of Strategy had some things to say on the topic of Windows Phone in an interview with Patrick Hefner from Zune Tracks:

What I do know, as the strategy guy, is that every company has to make decisions about resource allocation – that requires prioritizing, selecting, and deselecting. These days, there are four mobile OSes worth discussing – Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows. As the #3 player, Sprint has fewer resources to apply, so it’s more critical for us to make good decisions about where we focus our investments. In the past, we’ve been willing to go against the crowd and bet on unproven OSes. Some of those have been good bets (being one of the original Android supporters). Some have worked out less well (WebOS). For now, there’s no opportunity to gain a differentiation advantage by taking a risk on Windows, so we’re better off focusing most of our resources on proven market winners (iOS and Android).

Basically it boils down to Sprint being a little gun shy, and rightly so. They just spent a lot of money to get the iPhone and they’re currently trying to roll out LTE as fast as they can. It doesn’t help that the last OS they bet on failed miserably (WebOS). As long as Windows Phone keeps plugging along we’ll see more devices pop up on Sprint and other carriers.

[via WMPoweruser]

  • I’m a Sprint user and am super happy with their service/support. If I was looking to get a new device it has to be through them. So if they aren’t doing new WP7 stuff, I guess I’m not either.