DryCASE Unboxing, Waterproof Test, and Review

While we were at CES last week the nice people at DryCASE were kind enough to give us a unit to try out and review for you guys. You’ve probably seen a DryCASE before, but if you haven’t it’s a vacuum sealed, crystal clear bag that provides waterproof protection for a variety of devices. The best part of a DryCASE is that you can still operate your device while it’s protected from the elements. We put our DryCASE to the ultimate test by putting our personal device inside and submerging it. Check it out in the video below, unboxing included.

Putting my HTC Trophy inside the bag is usually pretty simple. Sometimes it can take a little jiggling since the cable doesn’t quite reach the headset jack of my phone without putting it halfway in the bag. Locking the bag can take a little muscle sometimes, but I find that makes me feel more assured that it will keep the water out. The DryCASE has plenty of room for the 3.7″ display of the Trophy, and it should fit even bigger devices.

Using the touchscreen while the device is inside the DryCASE is very easy, that is until it gets wet. Once the outside of the DryCASE is wet the touchscreen gets much less responsive. To be fair that’s after completely submerging the case under water. Under less extreme cases the touchscreen works fine. The most advertised feature of the DryCASE is being waterproof, but it can also be useful to keep the sand out of every nook and cranny of your phone at the beach. In that example you’ll have no trouble with the touchscreen.

After testing out the DryCASE a couple times it’s making me look forward to going to the beach this summer. Last year I went to the beach and kept my phone in a beach bag all day. I thought that would be enough to protect it, but when I got home there was sand in every little crack and crevice of my phone. DryCASE is going to be my summer savior. Now if only all this snow would go away.

  • May

    I agree the beach seems like a good place to use, no worries about sand or wet bodies dripping on phone. Hopefully the price is reasonable.