Has Nokia Supercharged the Accelerometer on the Lumia 710?

Here’s an interesting little tidbit discovered by WPCentral. Apparently the rotation animation or the accelerometer on the Lumia 710 has been suped-up by Nokia. As you can see in the video above the rotation on the Lumia 710 is a lot quicker compared to other phones. Why exactly is this? We don’t know. It could be hardware, but it’s most likely some software enhancements. Nothing really ground breaking here, just an interesting thing to note. Have you noticed this on your Lumia 710?

  • My question would be: is that good or bad? For me it would walk a fine line. A lot of the time it takes a second to switch when I want it, but then will switch when I’m sitting/laying weird and don’t want it to without a delay.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah that’s a good point. I’ve never been like “I wish this would rotate faster!”