Nokia is the Most Trusted Brand in India


Part of Nokia’s press conference at CES detailed how the company has risen to the top of several developing countries in terms of handsets provided and satisfaction. This seems to be especially true in India, where the company was voted to be the most trusted brand within the country.

“As trust is a very subjective term, we developed a trust matrix which included 61 components defining trust which include empathy, non-threatening ambience, perceived competence, corporate altruism, commanding respect, shared interest, displaying sincerity, enthusiasm, outward appearance and accepting responsibility.”

Nokia has capitalized well on sales in India and other growing markets with its Symbian feature phones and has slowly begun the transition to offering Windows Phones within these markets. We’re interested to see how the company will fare not only in the US market, but if the company will be viewed in the same light within India once most of its handsets feature Windows Phone instead of Symbian within the next few years.

[via WMPowerUser]

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