Twitter Client ‘Mehdoh’ Back in the Marketplace

A couple weeks ago the developer of a popular Twitter client called Mehdoh announced that the app would no longer be developed. The developer, Chris Field, closed his App Hub account with Microsoft, and the app disappeared from the Marketplace. Since Mehdoh was a paid app it wasn’t surprising when users were upset to see their favorite app disappear from the Marketplace. Chris has heard those pleas and re-released Mehdoh for free. Here’s an excerpt from a blog post he wrote on the situation.

OK so what does this mean? Well, it means that Mehdoh will continue to be on the store… however, as I understand it, it will NOT be the same application. ie. no reviews/downloads will carry across… and existing users WILL NOT automatically update to this new version – unfortunately even paid customers. Of course, I do not expect anyone to pay any more for the application than they may have already done, so with that in mind the application will be FREE. If you have paid for the previous version then you can rest safe in the knowledge that your investment went towards paying for the new application subscription, so thank you. Full Blog Post.

So basically, like Chris says, this is a new Mehdoh app. New developer account, blank slate of reviews, but pretty much the same app as before. He says development for this new Mehdoh will be much slower than before. So the good news is you’ve got your Mehdoh back, and for free, but don’t expect the same amount of development to go into it. Follow Mehdoh on Twitter for any updates.


  • Seems kinda irresponsible to just pull a paid app from the marketplace like that. Does WP7 require continued support or something that would justify having to do that if an app isn’t in development anymore and is paid? Or did he just do this on impulse or something?

  • He said it was “due to various frustrations with the platform.”

  • Yeah, it definitely wasn’t on impulse and I had no idea that it wasn’t going to be available on the store. It’s there now though under a new account.

    As an aside, If someone doesn’t pay their dev fees EVERY year, then the app would also be pulled by Microsoft, paid app or not.