Yankee Group Says 9% of Users Plan to Buy a Windows Phone

We know that Windows Phone is picking up speed in the U.S. market. That’s no shock considering the awesome phones that are out now and the ones that are on the way. But just how many people are actually considering a Windows Phone device for their next phone? According to Yankee Group about 9%. The survey included 15,000 U.S. consumers who intend to buy a smartphone in the next 6 months. Katie Lewis from Yankee Group had this to say:

“Opportunities within the smartphone market abound, but we’ve reached a critical point where graves could be dug for several OS vendors; decisions made in the next three years are likely to seal the fate, good or bad, of many OSs. Now is the time for these vendors to fight for survival.”

The current market share in the U.S. for Windows Phone is only 1%, so that would be a nice little boost. It’s likely that former Blackberry users could be choosing Windows Phone. Only 12% said they planned on buying a Blackberry device, a number that was much higher in past years. Hopefully Windows Phone can cash in on the sinking ship of RIM.

[via WMPoweruser]

  • If I had to choose from a phone that wasn’t iOS or Android, the only valid option as I see it right now is WP7. Hopefully as more people get tired of Apple’s restrictions and high prices, and Android’s fragmented marketplace, WP7 will naturally just do a nice little cleanup act and fold a ton of new users into its base.