[Rumor] WP7 to Receive Instagram Before Android?


Android users have been clamoring for months to get their hands on the iPhone-exclusive app Instagram, but FastCompany reports that a source close to the Windows Phone development team has said that the team may be in talks with the Instagram development team.

You may be asking yourself why Instagram would place Windows Phone on a higher priority than Android, but when you think about it, why not? There’s a virtually untapped marketshare with Windows Phone as Instagram would be one of the only photo manipulation tools available on the Windows Marketplace.

Windows Phone would benefit much from the partnership as well, as one of its most damning flaws at the moment is that it currently has a severe shortage of big name apps available to its user base. With Instagram on board, larger apps may decide that Windows Phone is a valid platform that should be supported after all.

FastCompany asked the Windows Phone team about a possible partnership, but the response was vague with no real information given. Still, here’s to hoping that this rumor is true.

"We are working with many different developers who have expressed interest in Windows Phone and the capabilities of the new Mango tools and platform are inspiring a new wave of great apps and games," Microsoft said in a statement. "The right time to support our platform varies by application and business model, and Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation."

  • I’m still mad at them for never doing something with Android. Hrmph.