eBuddy XMS Available Now in the Marketplace

eBuddy XMS is finally out of beta and available in the Marketplace! eBuddy has taken a different approach with their Windows Phone app. Instead of the usual multi-protocol IM client they’ve made something more like BBM. You can send free SMS-like messages to your friends over WiFi or 3G/4G/etc, that is if you can get all your friends to start using eBuddy XMS. The app is very fast and smooth, and in some ways much better than WhatsApp. The only problem is a lot of people are already using apps like WhatsApp, and getting all your friends to use something new can be difficult. The app is free from the Marketplace.

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    Hi all,

    thank you for your review of eBuddy XMS!
    My name is Aleksandra and I am a community manager for eBuddy.
    I’ll be happy to answer all your questions, you can also e-mail to our support department at wp@ebuddyxms.zendesk.com.

    Looking forward to your feedback.

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