Tile Grouping and Media Control Tweaks Coming in Tango?

Tango is the nickname of the next version of Windows Phone, and that’s one of the few things we know about it. That is until Michael Gillet, Senior UK Microsoft Student Partner, decided to share a tip he received from a trusted source. Michael outlined two features that he has heard will be included in Windows Phone Tango, the first being size tweaks to the media controls. Apparently in Tango the media controls found on the lockscreen and volume dropdown will be smaller.

The next feature is much is tile grouping, otherwise known as “folders.” Michael has no images of how this would look, but he imagines the folder tile would show notifications from all the apps within. If the homebrew community is any indication folders would be a welcomed new feature. Tango is said to be for cheaper mid-range phones, and these changes do seem to be more for smaller screens. What do you think?

[via My Microsoft Life]

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