Grooveshark HTML5 App Unusable Due to IE Bug

Bad news for Grooveshark users. You may have noticed that the Grooveshark HTML5 app doesn’t work in the Windows Phone IE browser, but it’s not a bug with Grooveshark. According to James Hartig, the developer for Grooveshark, the bug lies within IE itself. After he released the HTML5 app for Android and iOS he recieved numerous complaints that it wasn’t working on Windows Phone. He looked into the problem, and this is what he found:

“It seems that the AJAX calls we were making to our API were failing when they were requested over HTTPS. The Microsoft team states that it is a bug with IE8 that you cannot do AJAX calls through XDomainRequest to HTTPS pages from HTTP pages. They never bothered to fix it for IE9. The simple solution would be to just load the site in HTTPS and make all calls in HTTPS, however that is not possible right now.

We only have 1 call to HTTPS on the site right now, but in the future, users will need to login and perform actions that require HTTPS, so this issue is quite the show-stopper.”

Not good, eh? It seems we’re at the mercy of an OS update before Grooveshark will work in IE. A dedicated Windows Phone app would be nice, but Grooveshark is already in enough battles with record labels over their Android and iOS apps.

[James Hartig via WPSauce]


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