Nokia’s Stephen Elop Promises to Maintain “Rolling Thunder” Momentum

Nokia is fresh off their announcement of the Lumia 900 at CES last week and already people are wondering “what’s next?” The answer from CEO Stephen Elop: more devices. In an interview with Pocket-Lint Elop talked a lot about their strategy and how they will continue after the launch of the Lumia 900. He is very focused on offering specific devices for specific markets.

“We have not announced the 900 in other countries. One of the things you should notice though is that we clearly have a pattern of this rolling thunder of announcements one after another and what we are doing more and more is making sure that we are targeting specific devices and specific price points for specific markets.”

He mentions that the Lumia 900 is a very specific device for the US. In our market customers want big screens and LTE, so that’s exactly what they did with the 900. In other countries LTE isn’t such a big deal so they haven’t made any LTE devices, but they will in the future. Elop also talked about what’s coming after the 900.

“There are there going to be successor devices, different shapes, sizes, different configurations, of course. The message we are trying to deliver is: 710, 800, 900, and there is going to be more.”

We can’t wait for more Nokia devices, and we’re sure you can’t either. Bring them on, Mr. Elop!

Read the full interview here.


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