Square for Windows Phone Makes Sharing Contact Info Easy

In the future sharing your contact info will be easy, at least that’s what we keep getting told. The truth of the matter is that sharing your contact info is a pain. We’ve all done the classic “give me your number and I’ll send you a text so you have my number.” But what about sharing your Twitter handle, Facebook name, and email address? There are dozens of apps that aim to make this process easier, but the problem is theĀ recipientĀ also needs to have the app you’re using.

Most people these days have smartphones, but there are several different platforms. What can all of them do? Scan QR codes. Square makes it easy to put all your contact information into an easily scannable QR code. It’s that simple. You can even pin your QR code on your start screen to make sharing even easier. Square is free from the Marketplace.


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