Tango Will Optimize WP7 RAM Usage


I’ve asked several people who have switched from Android to Windows Phone why they made the switch and what they were enjoying most about it, and the number one reply that always comes back is no lag. Android users are pretty used to dealing with lag on phones, so much so that the high-end hardware for those devices is now shipping with quad-core processors.

That’s what makes this announcement so mind-boggling. The Verge is reporting that the Windows Phone Tango update will allow OEMs to ship handsets with only 256MB of RAM instead of the traditional 512MB that is the standard for devices today.

Obviously the goal here is to help reduce the cost of creating a Windows Phone so that more low end devices can flood the market in a similar vein to what Android has done, but the reduction of RAM brings some interesting questions to my mind. What sort of optimizations will be done in Tango to see the OS run comfortably at less than half the RAM? Will these devices still be as lag-free as current-gen devices?

I understand that the purpose of the update is to enable low-end handsets so that the OS can be put into more hands, but I’m even eager to see just how well the hardware will run on half of what it has today.

  • I really give Microsoft kudos for being able to ship a simple, speedy, easy to use phone OS. I love my Android, but teaching it to someone like my parents is a pain in the ass. And getting it setup to run perfectly for myself takes several apps keeping the battery long-lasting, app’s from always running, etc.

    I love my Google connectivity, but the more I play with WP7 at displays and hear about it online, the more I think about switching.