Aaron Woodman on WP7: More Features at a Faster Pace


Techradar have been busy little bees this week, with an extensive phone interview of Microsoft’s Aaron Woodman now available on the site. Woodman is Microsoft’s Mobile Communication Business director. He promises better hardware and software innovation as fast as possible.

Some of the highlights of the interview include Woodman mentioning that NFC and wireless charging will come faster.

“Even a year ago when we first brought the product to market we still had some key gaps that we had to cover to get competitive and that’s taken a lot of time. I feel like we’re there now, so that frees up resources to look at those innovative pieces.

“We’ve decided to focus our energy on hardware optimisation. On a single core, I feel like we have better performance than a great deal of the dual core devices out there without having to sacrifice or balance things like battery life.

“If you look at Android, you see the greatest time to market advantage, just because there’s greater flexibility in some of what the OEMs can do, but it doesn’t always execute as great quality. The first several dual core devices actually didn’t even use the second core.

“They didn’t really expose that second core to ISVs and even today not a lot of ISVs actually optimise for dual core systems. But they sure as heck put it on the back of every box and on the placard and consumers make choices [based on that].”

If you’re interested in checking out the full interview–and you should, because it’s interesting stuff—it’s available on the TechRadar website.

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