HeyWire Joins the Windows Phone Party

HeyWire is yet another free texting app for iOS and Android. The good thing about HeyWire is it has finally come to Windows Phone too. With HeyWire you can text friends from over 45 different countries free of charge. The HeyWire CEO was apparently impressed by the prediction that Windows Phone will be the number two smartphone platform by 2012:

“We are very excited to provide the only free texting app in the Microsoft Marketplace — a platform that Gartner predicts will capture the number two smartphone spot by 2015. This was an important service for our company to bring to consumers, which continues HeyWire’s mission to facilitate free global communications amongst groups of friends. Now, WP7 users can send and receive text messages with friends on multiple devices, quickly and easily.”

HeyWire is free from the Marketplace.

[via WPCentral]

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