Who on Earth Identifies Your Friends with Your Camera


Have you ever taken pictures with your phone and then afterward you couldn’t remember half the names of the people in the group? Then you need Who on Earth. It’s a unique app that will associate faces with other social media so that you can quickly identify the people in your photos.

How well the app works depends on how big your Facebook friends list is, since it matches faces with faces from your Facebook profile so it can tell you who is whom. Once faces are matched, names are quickly associated with them. You’ll know which faces are matched as the rectangle around them will turn green.

Other features include:

  • Choose pictures from your albums or camera roll (includes photos from your phone, social networking profile, Zune images etc)
  • Capture an image from the camera preview without saving a picture
  • Faces on the picture are highlighted with names
  • See the strength of recognition confidence
  • Identify multiple faces automatically

If you’re eager to check out the app, you can snag it from the Marketplace here. A full trial is available and the app is a steal at only $0.99.

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