Lumia 800 Experiencing iPhone Demand Levels in Denmark


The Lumia 800 has been rolling out across Denmark for the past few days and some carriers are reporting an iPhone-like craze surrounding the release of the handset. According to Morten Steen Jensen, nearly one third of TDC’s customers have picked a blue or pink Lumia 800 instead of the traditional black model.

“We have since Friday experienced the same demand, as shown by the introduction of the iPhone 4S. Lumia 800 has sold more than three times as much as number two on our sales charts.”

Telia hasn’t experienced such rapid demand according to Michael Bech, but there is still interest in the handset. The Lumia 800 is currently only second to the iPhone on Telia’s sales charts.

“Lumia 800 sales is not comparable with the iPhone 4S, but it mixes with the mobiles that sell best on the market currently, it has also sold better than the N8 and N9 at launch, and it also sells better than other manufacturers do when there’s a new product.”

3 seems to be the only carrier who did not experience the demand that the other two did, but Mette Christiansen mentions that customers seem to have high regard for the handset anyway.

“At 3 we did not experience “iPhone hype” but customer feedback is that customers faced with the Lumia 800 reports the same as with Apple’s products – high usability and good design.  Our experience is that it is our Nokia customer base, which typically goes after Lumia 800 and thereby upgrade from their old Nokia mobile. But we have high hopes for Windows Phone in general and believe that there will be slowly built up a faithful Windows fan base when the Danes discover how complete and user friendly it is, “

This news is great for Nokia and even greater for the full-fledged launch of Nokia’s product line here in the United States, as it shows these handsets could be a game-changer for Windows Phone.

[via WMPU]

  • Hopefully the hype can carry across the ocean into the US. It’s a much different market here.