Apple CEO Says There is a “Horse in Redmond that always runs”

Apple CEO Tim Cook was on the phone talking about Apple’s killer Q1 results this morning, and he had some kind words for the crew in Redmond. Cook was asked if the phone market was a two horse race between iOS and Android. In a comment that slightly dismisses Android while also complimenting Microsoft Cook said:

“There’s a horse in Redmond that always suits up and always runs, and will keep running.”

That’s right Mr. Cook, Windows Phone won’t be going anytime soon as long as Microsoft keeps pushing it hard.

[via The Verge]

  • Android is already established. They are in the heat of a PR and copyright battle with them right now. I think the one both groups need to be really afraid of is WP7, because it should become a strong third OS this year and really impact the scene and both companies in big ways.