Nokia Lumia 900 Scheduled for March 18th in AT&T’s Q1 Roadmap

BGR has recieved a nice sneak peak at AT&T’s Q1 roadmap, and our beloved Nokia Lumia 900 is on the list. It seems that Nokia meant what they said about being very aggressive with the 900. The roadmap lists the launch date as March 18th, but since the 900 hasn’t recieved technical acceptance that date could be liable to change.

Price is also mentioned. Nokia said they were going to price the 900 very aggressively, and they weren’t kidding. AT&T is planning to price the Lumia 900 at only $99 on contract. That could very well be a game changer for Windows Phone. A lot of people are buying Android phones because they dominate the mid-range offerings. A device with the specs of the Lumia 900 at that price could start helping Windows Phone market share. It looks like the deal just got a whole lot sweeter for anyone planning to pick one of these bad boys up.

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