White Lumia 800 Coming to Swiss Retailers in February

There has been a lot of talk lately about colors of the Lumia 800. A few weeks ago a leaked slide showed yellow and white versions, and since then talk of the white version has grown. A Swiss retailer has decided to end the rumors and just flat out admit they will be getting a white version of the Lumia 800.

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Subject: Nokia Lumia 800 in White

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I wanted to ask if she plans a white Nokia Lumia 800 have in it range record and if so, when they become available to you would be?

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Thank you for your inquiry.

We expected to be from the Nokia Lumia glossy white in color about received in mid-February.

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As you can see in our mock-up above the white Lumia 800 is a very nice looking device. Hopefully Nokia does the same with the Lumia 900 in the states. Would you buy a white Lumia?

[via WMPU]

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