Nokia Has Sold over $1 Million Lumia Devices, $1.2 Billion Loss in Q4

We’ve got a little “good news/bad news” from Nokia this morning, we’ll start with the good news. Nokia is announcing it’s Q4 2011 earnings today, and they’ve got some pretty good numbers to share in regards to Windows Phone sales. CEO Stephen Elop reports that they have sold “well over $1 million Lumia devices to date.” Elop plans to improve upon that number with marketing and new products in 2012. not bad numbers for their very first attempt at Windows Phone.

Now for the bad news. As expected, the first quarter after Nokia’s transition to Windows Phone hasn’t produced very good financial numbers. The company is announcing a $1.2 billion operating loss in Q4 of 2011 with a 31% decrease in smartphone sales. This might sound bad, but in reality it was expected and ended up a lot less worse than predicted. Q1 2012 results will be the big test.

[Nokia via The Verge]

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