Microsoft Posts Easy 3 Step Guide for Switching from Gmail to Hotmail

For the most part Windows Phone does a great job at working well with any email service you can throw at it. Still, the best email experience comes with using Microsoft’s own email service, Hotmail. Switching email services is no easy task. Building up years of contacts, labels, filters, and archived messages can make leaving your current email service a tough sell. So why should you switch?

  • Hotmail & Facebook work well together. You can update your Facebook status, chat with Facebook friends, view their updates, and comment right from your Hotmail inbox. You can’t do this from Gmail.
  • You can easily share lots of photos and large attachments. Hotmail lets you share hundreds of photos or other files in one message using the integrated online storage from SkyDrive. You can’t do this in Gmail.
  • Hotmail works great with Office. Using the Office Web Apps, Hotmail lets you view and edit Office docs for free right in your inbox. Gmail doesn’t work well with Office.
  • Hotmail lets you get a handle on graymail. With customizable categories and scheduled sweeps, you can quickly clean up things like newsletters, social updates, and daily deals so you only see the mail that really matters to you. Gmail doesn’t have Sweep.

Sound good to you? If you’re using Gmail, like most people do, Microsoft has compiled a 3 step guide for making the big switch. The guide is easy, but the hard part is getting all your contacts to use your new address. Good luck!

  1. Create a Hotmail account. If you don’t already have one, you need to create a Hotmail account. The best way to do this is to get a new email address either or Or, if you already have an email address you want to keep using, you can keep using it and sign up here. You don’t have to use our domain.
  2. Import your old messages from Gmail. You’ll probably want to keep your old email and contacts so we’ve made it simple to bring them in. TrueSwitch is an easy tool which will import your email and contacts and forward any new email to Hotmail for 90 days. Go to the TrueSwitch site and follow the steps there. When you sign back in to Hotmail, you’ll notice that it’s beginning to import your emails (this could take a few hours if you have a lot of emails to bring over).
  3. Connect your Gmail account. This step is optional, but if you want to make sure you receive future messages from Gmail, you can have Hotmail automatically get all new emails that are sent to your old Gmail account. These are the steps to connect your accounts:

a. In your inbox, click Options and then More options.

b. Click Sending/receiving email from other accounts.

c. Click Add an email account.

d. Provide your Gmail account details.

[via Windows Blog]

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