O2 UK Blog Lauds Lumia 800


The Lumia 800 has finally been featured on the O2 UK blog, which is a blog that features top smartphones for consumers. The blog described the Galaxy Nexus as a must have, but it also had some kind things to say about the Lumia 800 as well.

"As good as all of the above devices are, they’re all part of the established order of smartphone devices and platforms. If you yearn for something a little different, the Nokia Lumia 800 will be like a breath of fresh air.

First up there’s the phone’s unique design, which adopts an unusual all-in-on polycarbonate shell that’s as durable as it is striking to look at. What really makes the Lumia 800 feel fresh is its Windows Phone Mango operating system, which presents a heavily stylised but ultra-intuitive interface and peerless compatibility with Microsoft Office and Xbox Live."

It’s always great to see a carrier giving the Lumia series the recognition it deserves and we can only hope that carriers here in the United States will do the same once the 800 and 900 are available on the market later this year. You can find the full blog post here.

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