Windows Phone Tango Includes Skype and Google+ Integration?

Skype and Google+ integrated into Windows Phone Tango? Yes please. is reporting a doozy of a rumor this morning that has to do with the next version of Windows Phone. The next version is codenamed “Tango,” and PocketPC says it will be version 7.6. But that’s not the juicy part of this rumor.

According to PocketPCs “relaible source” Tango will have Skype and Google+ integration. Everyone has been expecting Skype integration since Microsoft purchased them, so this is no real surprise. Google+ on the other hand is a bit of a shocker. Google and Microsoft don’t exactly get along, but hopefully Microsoft realizes they need Google for Windows Phone to be widely adopted. As you can see in the screenshot both will be present in the messaging hub, there you will be able to chat and make video calls.

The software that’s being used by PocketPCs source is pre-beta build number 7.20.1050.5.  The integration of both Skype and Google+ are still a little shaky, but the bugs are being worked out. We could see Tango come to phones relatively soon.


  • Fake! Look at the Spacing between the O’s in google and then look at the ones in facebook!

  • Anonymous

    PLEASE be true. I really miss GTalk integration!