Timelapse Pro Adds Skydrive Support

TimelapseProUpload (1)

It’s always nice to see more apps integrating with Microsoft’s services, which is why we’re happy to see that Timelapse Pro has updated to 2.5 and now includes Skydrive support. The app allows you to take time lapse pictures using your Windows Phone.

Videos can be created using the stills captured by the app by using another Live service like Windows Live Movie Maker, but with the recent update you can now create .gif images from your stills in a pinch.

If you’re interested in giving the app a shot, there is a free trial available in the marketplace, though it doesn’t allow you to upload any .gifs you create. The full version of the app is only $0.99, so if you think you’ll use it at any point in the future it’s probably a good investment.

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