Microsoft & Nokia Now Shipping Developer Phones


Not too long ago, Microsoft and Nokia teamed up for a contest that offered 500 Lumia 800s to developers who submitted a Mango application to the Marketplace. the first 500 developers who followed the Metro design criteria and utilized fast app switching were to be the recipients of these phones.

According to WMPU, Microsoft is now distributing these handsets to the developers who qualified, as you can see above in the image. If you can’t read the text, it says:

Hi xxxx,

Im excited to let you know that your app has qualified for the App’y Nokia
New Year offer. I hope you enjoy your new Nokia Lumia 800 – en route. Thank
you for your dedication to developing for Windows Phone!

MS employee

Congrats to all the lucky developers, and here’s to hoping Microsoft will offer something like this with the Lumia 900 in the future. We’d love to see more of our favorite iOS and Android applications available to Windows Phone users.

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