Nokia’s Design Chief Talks NFC and Phones Without Connectors

Nokia’s new line of Windows Phones are unique in a way that makes them almost instantly iconic. You might have wondered who to thank for these beautiful designs. Look no further than Design Chief Marko Ahtisaari. Marko is the Johnny Ives of Nokia, reponsible for the feel and design of all their products. He prides himself on simple designs that are easily recognizable.

Marko sat down with The Gaurdian and talked about the future of design at Nokia. Not surprisingly he mentioned NFC and how it can simplify UI. Nokia has already dabbled in this with Symbian devices can pair via NFC. Marko also discussed the possibility of a device with no connector ports of any kind. At first the idea seems far fetched, but take a second thought and it’s not so strange. Wireless charging, and Bluetooth headsets are common nowadays. It could happen.

[The Verge]


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