Regional Click to Call Settings Broken Outside of US?


One of the nifty features of Windows Phone is that any phone numbers in IE9 that adhere to the standard formatting for 7, 9, and 11 digit numbers will be clickable and bring up the edit contact screen, which then gives you the option to call. The feature is similar to a Skype plugin that does the same on desktops, which is really handy when you’re looking up restaurants and other services you need to contact.

The problem as reported by WPCentral is that this feature seems to be either broken, or disabled outside of the United States. A recent discovery on the XDA forums found that a set of numbers with the correct formatting can be clicked and called just fine when the phone’s regional settings are set to English (United States), but when the phone was set to Estonia and rebooted, the functionality no longer worked.

Canadians are reporting problems with the feature as well, so it seems as though either Microsoft reserved the feature for those in the US, or it’s a bug that needs to be squashed so those in other regions can enjoy the functionality. We’ll keep you updated on this issue and whether or not there’s any response from Microsoft.

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