RIM Thinks #TeamBlackBerry is Bold, We Have a Different View

We don’t usually talk about BlackBerry’s much on this site, and that’s because they aren’t really competing with anyone right now. RIM is drowning, but they don’t seem to realize they need to start swimming. So what is their answer to all the doubters? We present to you The Bold Team.

The Bold Team is a visualization of BlackBerry users. On New years Eve they asked Twitter followers how they would resolve to #BeBold in the new year. They compiled the results into an infographic (found here) and topped it off with fake superheroes, along with names and bios.

The whole thing comes across as trying way too hard to be cool. In reality it seems sad and out of touch. That’s why we don’t have to worry about RIM on a Windows Phone site, unless it’s time to poke a little fun.

What would Team Windows Phone look like?

  • Anonymous

    Team Windows Phone looks like it does right now: a gigantic black square with nothing in it – because nobody cares and the phones aren’t relevant and nobody wants a Microsoft produced phone made from android dollars obtained via an extortion scheme.

    It’s also doubly accurate in the sense of censorship, because that’s what the extortion scheme furthers.

    Or maybe you should show a donkey labeled Florian Mueller/Steve Ballmer next to a google hipster, because Microsoft is as stubborn as a mule in trying to unify interfaces between devices which simply does not work. windows 8 is a tablet layout. It doesn’t work for a PC. This is windows CE all over again, but being put on desktops.

    The “reproduce the windows ME approach so that the next OS people will love” is not going to work twice.

  • Nope

    Widoze team? They would all look like big, scary, overweight, bald, middle aged men with no friends nor any concept of modern technology beyond a DOS command line and a teletype machine.