Beta Version of Skype for Windows Phone Coming Soon

The feature, or lack of, that Windows Phone users complain about the most is Skype. There’s good reason for it, Microsoft owns Skype and the only platform that doesn’t have Skype is Windows Phone. Crazy right? We believe the reason for the delay is so they can bake it into the OS, but it looks like they might have something a little sooner.

According to wp7lab a beta version of Skype is being dogfooded (used by MS employees) and invitations will be sent to testers in the coming weeks.

“Skype for Windows Phone is just around the corner and we’ve teamed up with the Skype folks to help with beta testing. If you are receiving this newsletter directly, look for an invitation in the coming weeks and be on the inside track for what is sure to be one of the hottest new apps on the Marketplace!”

Hopefully since it has taken them so long the app will be really nice.

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