WizTiles Pro Arrives in the Marketplace with Extra Features

WizTiles is a live tile creation and themeing app that is popular among people who love to customize their devices. The free version has been out for a while, but now they are introducing a Pro version that adds some features for $.99.


  • Faster launching of custom tiles
  • Easy access to 12 new themes
  • Theme versioning
  • Theme preview with screenshots
  • Create tiles without using a theme
  • Added mini icons to metro theme for use with wallpaper themes
  • Added backgrounds with gradients to metro theme
  • Added url parameters to browser task for theme designers
  • Added disabled back tile for theme designers

Most of these features, including the new UI, will eventually come to the free version too. The pro version will be able to hold more themes than the free version. Pick it up in the Marketplace today for $.99.

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