Instagram Will Not Grant Posting Rights to Unofficial Apps


Instagram is an amazing application in that it allows you to create stunning photographs that you can share with your friends and family. There has been some interest in getting the iOS exclusive app onto Windows Phone, with many third-party alternatives currently available. Metrogram by Bil Simser seems to be the most popular, but Instacam is also available. While these clients are great, they cannot upload photos and unless you’ve used Instagram on an iOS device before, you cannot access the service.

Simser has been a busy little bee in the attempts of getting Metrogram more in line with the Instagram experience by remaining in contact with the Instagram developers about the issue. The developers initially cited low-quality images and spam images as a reason they wouldn’t allow a third-party access, but now the request has been officially denied, as reported by WPCentral:

"I made a plea to Instagram and got a response in the form of a few email exchanges with Kevin Systrom the CEO. Unfortunately they are still taking the high road and not offering upload capabilities or white-listing any application at this point. I have my own thoughts around why this is but the short of it is that they are not white-listing at this point but Kevin did tell me to “keep in touch”."

Since Instagram refuses to allow uploads and registrations through a third party app, Simser has decided to pull the plug on the whole project.

"I’m all about “filling the gap” on Windows Phone and want to create apps that will either be better than the “official” ones or give users the experience that a non-existent official app would. I will continue to do that (as I’m working on something right now but won’t say for whom) and you can follow that on Twitter via @bsimser or @simstools. We’ll also announce new apps on as we complete them. Shameless plug, please check out my other apps and feel free to continue to support myself and all the independent developers out there. I, as always, am available to help out so if you have an idea for an app or are looking for some help with your own app please don’t hesitate to contact me."

While this is bad news for people who were hoping to use Instagram on Windows Phone through Simser’s third party application, we’re hoping that Instagram will see the light and make the official app available on the platform sometime In the future.

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