Windows Phone 8 Features Detailed

This is a big one, ladies and gentleman. PocketNow has managed to get their hands on an internal video by Senior VP of Windows Phone, Joe Belfiore, that was intended to be seen by Nokia. In the video, Belfiore talks about Windows Phone 8 features at lengh. PocketNow hasn’t shared the video, but they have shared the details. Just to be clear, Windows Phone 8 is usually referred to as “Apollo,” and will arrive after Tango.

The hardware of Windows Phone devices is about to get much more creative. WP8 will bring support for multi-core processor, 4 different screen resolutions, removable MicrosSD cards, and NFC. Belfiore talked about putting an emphasis on contactless payments, and touch to communicate between devices.

On the software side we are definitely looking at deep Skype integration. Belfiore talks about making Skype calls just as easily as you would a normal call. The camera app will be opened up to more customization by the OEM. A basic camera app will be provided for OEMs to skin or overlay with their own viewfinder. Also native code support will be available.

Windows Phone 8 will have tools to help you track your data usage built in. Something called “DataSmart” will help you track and monitor data usage, and a live tile will give you the info at a glance. IE 10 will utilize server-side compression, similar to Opera Mini, which will lower the amount of data needed by 30%. Lastly, Windows Phone 8 will add much of the business features found in Windows computers, such as BitLocker encryption.

With all these changes it’s clear we’re in for another big leap. Thoughts?


  • Matthew Miller

    Awesome. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

  • Gggr

    LOL so basically Symbian functionality from 2008 . Poor Nokia I bet they regret abandoning meego already.

  • So it’s taken Nokia a year to get up to scratch feature wise with their old handsets, but on a newer framework which is far more scalable and future-proof, with one of the largest software companies in the world funding a lot of the work.

    Sounds like they must be regretting it.