Baconit 1.5 Available in the Marketplace, Rewritten for Speed

One of the best (if not the best) Reddit apps has just recieved a nice update. We’re talking about Baconit which is now at version 1.5. The main feature in the new version is speed. The back-end has been completely rewritten for speed improvements. Another cool addition is the ability to bookmark subreddits without having an account. The full changelog is below.

  • Completely rewritten backend for great speed improvements
  • New loading animations
  • Local Subreddits are available without an account
  • Share Picker support (look in pictures hub under share)
  • Opt-in Custom Crash Reporting
  • Tons of performance / UI tweaks
  • Many more changes, see full change log at the link below

If you’re a Redditor this is one app you have to try. While you’re killing time in r/f7u12 or r/wtf why nont join us in the Windows Phone subreddit found here? Baconit comes in free and $1.99 versions.

  • Sdfsfwe

    1.99 not 199$