Windows Phone 8 to Support Both ARM & Intel Architecture?


With the details of the Windows 8 mobile operating system leaked yesterday, many users are in a flurry to try and better understand what is on the horizon for the “Apollo” update. WMPU has been doing some digging around and found an interesting entry for a job post for the Windows Phone team.

Microsoft is seeking experts in both ARM and Intel IA-32 architecture, which means there could be phones or tablets that run on Intel architecture within the future. See the excerpt from the job offering below.

Do you like low level performance tuning? Are you interested in delivering software to other developers just like yourself? Would you like to be a better C++ developer? There are few jobs that allow you to develop a deep understanding of every corner of a programming language and its users like working on developer tools, and the Windows Phone Debugger & Compiler team is hiring for just such a position! Not only will a successful candidate get to work on the most basic tools required to build an operating system, but he or she will get to help Windows Phone become the dominant player in the handset market.

The Debugger and Compiler team is part of the Windows Phone Engineering Productivity team, which is responsible for delivering the tools and processes that improve the efficiency of our developers-both internal and external. We work closely with the Visual Studio Windows C++ team to make sure we deliver a top quality ARM compiler to Windows Phone and to all of Microsoft. We are also bringing debugging and code analysis technologies from the desktop to the phone. Members of the Debugger & Compiler team are required to be (or become) experts in both ARM and Intel IA-32 computer architectures. They have the opportunity to improve the quality of generated code and work on tools that most Windows Phone developers use every day.

Full Job post is available here.

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