Google Music Windows Phone App Looking for Beta Testers

For people coming from the Google ecosystem there are several things that can be hard to live without, one of those is Google Music. Google Music gives users free cloud storage for up to 20,000 songs and access to a growing music store. Currently there is one or two Windows Phone apps that attempt to port this over, but none of them offer a great experience.

A new app called Gooroovster is taking a shot at being that great experience for Google Music, but they need your help. They are currently looking for beta testers to give the app a try and help improve it for the Marketplace. Here’s a list of the features so far.

  • Sync your entire Google Music library to your phone for browsing and streaming.
  • Browse by artists, albums, songs, and playlists.
  • Option of streaming your entire song list or streaming by artist, author, and playlist.
  • Supports play, pause, stop, skip back, skip forward, and shuffle.
  • Refresh latest allows you to only refresh the most recent 500 tracks uploaded to Google Music.
  • Refresh playlist refreshes all of your play lists on Google Music.

If this looks like something you’d like to try send your Windows Live ID to They’ll hook you up and then you can get your groove on.

[via WMPU]

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