Paradox Exit is the latest game from Occasional Gamer

Occasional Gamer, a.k.a. Elbert Perez, is a common name in these parts. He has created such games as Quadra, and Armored Drive. His most recent venture is a game called Paradox Exit, and it’s his most ambitious one yet.

The game revolves around you, Toby, who pressed a big red button and was transported to a new world filled with boxes. The idea is to find your way to the warp gates to get home, but in your way is over 50 different enemies. You can collect money along your journey by killing creatures and boxes. The money can be used for power ups to help you win the game.

I’ve played it for about an hour and it’s a very addicting game. There is a lot more to this game than meets the eye. If you love platformers you will enjoy this game.


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