ScanBizCards Makes it to the Marketplace

Business cards can be an important part of being successful. It’s how you share your contact information, but also how you can get contact information from people. The interesting thing about business cards is that they have largely remained unchanged by the digital age. Enter ScanBizCards.

ScanBizCards aims to make the ancient act of exchanging pieces of paper for contact information into an easy to organize digital contact book. The app is simple, you can scan a business card and the app will automatically detect the text. From their you can create a contact and add them to your phone’s contacts. It can do so much more, too.

  • Take new photo or import from photo album
  • Automatic text orientation detection
  • Image editor (cropping)
  • Add to address book
  • Assign to group / create new group
  • Side-by-side editing of recognized text with card image
  • Add notes
  • Support landscape orientation

### Extended Features ###
[Not found in any other app!]

  • Send a quick intro email
  • Send LinkedIn invite in one touch without leaving the app
  • “Touch & Go”: touch a phone number to call / SMS, email or URL
  • Organize car

If anything reflects the power of this app it’s the price tag. At $6.99 it’s anything but cheap (for an app), but it can save you a lot of hassle. Pick it up here.

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