Windows 8 Kernel for Windows Phone 8 May Not Be Happening

Reports earlier this month mentioned that Windows Phone 8 will be powered by the Windows 8 kernel, but according to The Register, this may not be the case. The site says sources close to Microsoft have said that the leak is true, but that there has been no definitive decision made for the mobile platform to be based on the Windows 8 kernel.

The information leaked is instead thought of as a blue-print for future possibilities instead of something that is set in stone. The site also reports that Tango, which is designed to help Windows Phone entry-level devices onto the market will be available at the end of this year, which means Apollo may not see release until 2013. If you’re interested in checking out the full article, you can find it here.

  • Tom Profan

    at the end oft the year…. microsoft ist to slow….
    im still waiting for features like voip..