Windows Phone Mango Wins Interactive Design Award

Just the other day I started my Xbox to play some Dark Souls and enjoyed how fluid the MetroUI on the device has become. In comparison, I cringe every time I fire up the PS3, with it’s outdated UMX UI design that has been the standard since the PSP launched in 2005. That’s nearly seven years without a single update. But why am I going on about game consoles?

Windows Phone Mango recently won an Interaction Award from the Interactive Design Association specifically for its MetroUI and ease of use. This is not the first design the operating system has won for design, and it certainly won’t be the last. MetroUI is an undeniably smooth way to interact with more than just mobile devices, which is why it’s no surprise that the Interactive Design Association saw this as well.

Kudos to the Windows Phone team and here’s to hoping for a stellar 2012.



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