LG Miracle Windows Phone Render Spotted

We’ve known that LG is working on something with Windows Phone since the leaks of a device called “Fantasy.” The image above is apparently that same device, but now it’s being called “Miracle.” The Miracle is a mid-range device with a 4″ NOVA display. The other specs are the usual 1GHz processor, 720p camera, 8GB storage, and VGA front camera. The Miracle will have a 14.4Mbps HSPA radio, along with Bluetooth, WiFi, and all those standard goodies. Launch date and pricing is still unknown.

[via PocketNow]

  • Gagier!

    Looks good but can I turn off those terrible squares? How do I set up wallpaper instead?

  • RoomIT

    I want it! I just hope it has unlocked bootloader so I can install better OS.

  • Anonymous

    You might be in the wrong place.