Nokia Working on a Fix For Lumia 710 Call Ending Issue

The Nokia Lumia 710 has been suffering from a fairly major bug. The bug doesn’t let users end calls, and sometimes caused the device to restart. In a statement released today Nokia points out that the issue is not with the call, but actually the UI displaying the disconnect button when it should not. The full statement is below:

Nokia is continuing to analyze this software issue and is close to a fix.  The fix will be made available via Zune as soon as possible.  It is difficult to say when.  One other important fact about this issue is that the phone modem is responding to the call disconnect signal from the touch display, the call is taken down as it should.  The issue is that the user interface displays the call disconnect button but is should not.  Consequently consumer are not being excessively billed for a call that seems to be staying up.

[via WMPU]

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