Microsoft Stops Lumia 900 Pre-Orders

Earlier last week we reported that Microsoft had begun accepting pre-orders for the Lumia 900 handset in its retail stores. Now it appears as though these pre-order offers have been nixed, with no reason as to why they are no longer available.

The Verge reports that an anonymous source has said that Nokia plans to announce a launch date with pricing to follow shortly, though there’s no correlation between this and Microsoft’s pre-order withdrawal. The rumors surrounding the phone say it’ll be available around March 18th with a rumored contract price of $99, but I suppose we’ll wait and see.

If you’re itching to give your money away to Microsoft anyway, you could always pre-order that $899 Lumia 800 bundle, but hey, we can think of better things to do with $900.



  • I wan this phone, but $900 is crazy high. I won’t even buy the KindleFire for $200 lol… no way I’d do a phone for 4x as much.